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Joakim Palmkvist on gang shootings in Malmö – and what shoud be done

Joakim Palmkvist is the author of several books and a long time crime reporter for Sydsvenskan. His new book Den undre världen is a historical and personal reflection on the criminal underworld of Malmö. Your previous book about gang crime in Malmö was called Maffiakrig (Mafia War). Can you talk about a mafia in Malmö? […]

Swaypod wants to create a platform for a new wave of Malmö artists

Who are you and what is Swaypod?My name is Swayze and I am from Möllevången, Malmö. I love hip hop and RnB. I understood early on what hip hop and RnB means and fell in love with the music. My podcast is called Swaypod and it’s about just that, hip hop and RnB. One of […]

Here is why Malmö is the best city in Sweden for food lovers

Jonas from Malmö För Foodisar joined us to explain why the infamous city on the border to Denmark is numero uno. Why is Malmö the best city in Sweden when it comes to food?The mixture of cuisines from different cultures, combined with curious hard-working restaurant owners who dare to do their own thing, and a […]

Welcome to Greater Malmö

Greater Malmö is the geographical area consisting of Malmö and neighbouring cities, with close to a million people calling the region home. There has been some focus on the Greater Copenhagen collaboration in recent years, “a political platform for promoting regional collaboration and economic growth”. While we welcome this vision, not the least since it […]